5 Best Microsoft Surface Books in 2022 Buying Guide

There are numerous laptop manufacturers on the market, but if you’ve settled on a Microsoft model and are seeking for the best, you’ve come to the correct spot. Microsoft provides everything you need, whether it’s a 2-in-1 laptop or a full-fledged PC.

The full-size touchscreen computers from Microsoft have proven a huge hit. It’s called Microsoft Surface, and it’s the company’s first and only attempt at hardware. Microsoft was one of the first firms to launch 2-in-1 convertible laptops, for those who don’t know.

However, now in its seventh iteration, the hardware is available in a variety of configurations, including the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Go. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it difficult to choose which one is right for you. They’re all high-end and made to endure, but which one is best for you?

Best Microsoft Surface Books

Surface Books’ slimness and portability appear to appeal to everyone, whether you’re a college student or a working professional. Choosing the ideal notebook, on the other hand, might be difficult since you’ll be investing your hard-earned money and don’t want to be stuck with the incorrect model for your requirements. As a result, we’ve examined the best 5 solutions for various uses and budgets. Let’s get this party started!

Microsoft Surface Book 3

The Surface Book 3 can operate music production software like Ableton, Pro Tools, or other resource-intensive applications like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, REVIT, or 3D animation tools like Blender, Cinema 4D, and more.

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 is as beautiful as ever, and it’s the ideal successor to the Surface Book 2. It takes everything that worked in the previous edition and makes it even better. The enhanced keyboard and the vibrant PixelSense display are the standout features. The Book 3 may be one of the greatest portable workstations, weighing just 800 grammes in tablet mode.

When compared to the Surface Book 3, this version is substantially less unstable when the keyboard is connected. This corresponds to advancements in the GPU divisions. It can now run most games at a resolution of 1080p thanks to the addition of a GTX 1660 Ti.

We’ve discovered that the Book 3 is a terrific choice for content makers since it comes with 16GB of RAM, but this dog can handle even 3D design applications with ease. If you’re a heavy user, the 32GB version is also available.

Although the clean appearance remains, the cost has caught up. It’s a luxury tablet through and through, costing over $2,000 for the 15-inch model and above.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

If you’re searching for a less expensive Microsoft Surface Book, this is it. It’s around $250-$300 less expensive than the Surface Book 3, which has somewhat lower specifications.

Machined magnesium makes up the body of the Microsoft Surface Book 2. The body has a matte and sumptuous feel about it. The laptop’s screen can be pulled back to nearly 115 degrees thanks to an extra “fulcrum hinge.”

One USB-C port, two USB 3.1 ports, one full-size SD slot, and a magnetic detach charging point, similar to the Apple MacBook, are among the laptop’s connectors. On the screen/tablet part, there is also a headphone jack as well as a power and volume shortcut key.

The 15-inch display features a screen resolution of 3260 x 2160 pixels with excellent viewing angles, contrast ratio, brightness, colour, and black levels, making it the ideal computer for watching movies and television programmes.

The Surface Book 2’s keyboard base houses batteries and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. Mid-range gaming laptops, such as the Acer Predator series, include this functionality. The tablet section of the laptop is detachable, and the procedure is pretty straightforward.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Because it lacks a high-end GPU, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 isn’t as powerful as the Surface Book 2. However, if you need a laptop for writing articles, engineering school, nursing school, business meetings, or law school, this is a fantastic option!

Microsoft introduces the Surface Pro 7, a multifunctional and light-weight notebook with more functionality than its previous Surface series. Its SSD storage allows for smooth and fast work at home and in the workplace. The touch screen adapts to the light and reacts to the surface pen flawlessly. Its adaptable body adds to its flexibility.

It has 16GB of RAM, which improves graphics and allows you to multitask multiple tabs and 365 programmes.

So far, the kickstand has been the most useful feature. Many products have attempted to imitate it. It features a hinge that can be adjusted completely. This allows you to use it as a tablet by reclining it practically flat, or as a drawing board by keeping it at 165 degrees. This ‘free-range’ stand was not available on prior versions.

Given its size, it clearly demonstrates greater power. It measures 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches and weighs 770 kilos. The touchscreen display has a resolution of 267 pixels per inch and reacts quickly even to mild touches. The main issue is that the bezels are extremely thick for such a large panel.

The keys have a wonderful bounce to them and the keyboard has a nice feel to it. It is serviceable, albeit not durable, due to the lighting and detachability. This keyboard, like the others in the Surface line, can be tilted at an angle to make typing easier.

Its USB-C and USB-A ports allow for simultaneous multi-connection. Although USB-C is a step forward, it is not accompanied by Thunderbolt 3. The mics have also been improved, especially when using Cortana. Unfortunately, the kickstand is unsteady on your lap and does not provide the machine with the appropriate ‘laptop’ feel.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Microsoft Surface 1st Generation laptop is simple and elegant. This laptop is ideal for grad students, journalists, or office workers searching for a replacement for their outdated computers because of its bright and high-resolution touchscreen. One of the nicest aspects of the 1st Generation Surface laptop is the keyboard, which includes a special Alcantara fabric on the keyboard deck that lends softness to the keys.

A USB 3.0 connector, Mini DisplayPort, and headphone jack are located on the left side of the Surface notebook. The Surface power port is located on the right side. One disadvantage mentioned by customers is the lack of a Type-C connector or a MicroSD slot, both of which would have been useful for speedier work.

The laptop’s 13.5-inch display is a great feature since it is colourful, bright, and clear. The 3:2 aspect ratio is light and airy, making it ideal for reading papers or browsing the web. The speakers are loud and located under the keyboard, which is both uncommon and clever.

New Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go is a multi-tasking tablet that may be used in a variety of ways. Its most appealing feature is its mobility and travel-friendliness, which allows you to work more quickly, pack lighter, and connect from anywhere. S mode in Windows 10 provides dependable performance. Your work will be more smooth with Office 365.

With a few tweaks, the Microsoft Surface Go looks remarkably identical to the Surface Pro. It has a classy look because to the rounded, smooth corners. The hinge has a 180-degree bending range. The keys will be closer together, resulting in a tighter typing experience.

The colour accuracy of the display is excellent. It’s simple to use as a tablet since it’s surrounded by substantial bezels, which prevents inadvertent screen activation. The speakers are hidden behind the bezels. On both edges of the screen are small drivers that serve as speakers. It’s a multi-productivity gadget thanks to the speakers’ subtle and strong sound.

Projects, webpages, and media players may all be handled by the Intel Pentium Gold CPU. The HD Graphics 615 can give 3D pictures a dreamlike feel, making it ideal for educational applications. The battery life is extremely impressive, lasting up to 6 hours on a single charge and even longer in power saver mode.


The Surface Book from Microsoft is a stunning laptop. It is tiny and light, with an infrared camera that recognises your face and a backlit LED screen. The majority of the versions we’ve featured are lightweight, so you can carry it about all day and use a Surface Dock to connect external displays, mouse, and keyboard to easily transform it into a desktop when you go to your desk.

Surface Go came in second place in our testing. The feather-light weight was the most noticeable feature. We’d never seen a computer that was practically full-size and weighted as much as two mobile phones before. It was the apparent winner because to its USB-C connector and quick charging capabilities.

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